HEL Med Surge Test Strategies - feeling defeated need help ASAP

  1. Hi - Last semester I started out great in foundations high 80's and ended just barely passing with 78. My confidence is shot- have always been A B student now just want to pass Med Surg and not feel so sad and defeated. Here is what I am doing - I record the lecture, I take notes during the lecture, I listen to the recorded lecture at night and re take notes, make flash cards, do tests in booK as well as in Saunders MED Surg NCLEX book. I do well high 80's - I take first exam and UGH I fail with a 76 passing is 78. I have 3 more exams to go. What more can I do? I am feeling like my best is not good enough. I have a B+ in PHARM and a B+ in Micro Biology, B in nursing statistics. Before this semester I carried a 3.5 GPA. I just feel defeated, like my best is not good enough. What more can I do? How can I narrow my focus of study to match what is asked on the exam - I find I know alot but often not wat was asked. Lastly, I can usually narrow down the clinical application questions to eliminate 2 and this leaves 2 that could be right and I can't for 100% certainty select the right one. I have test anxiety and low self esteem and this is killing me. Ideas, Thoughts, Help..... I am open to anything. I JUST WANT TO PASS!
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