Gtts/min problem

  1. Hi, I am brand new to this, so I hope I'm posting where I should...
    I am having a problem with gtts/min questions. I can do them if they're in like a word problem format, but when in an actual Dr.'s orders format, I get thrown off. It's worded like this:

    Order: 275mL/hr Available: 500mL (10 drops per mL). ______gtts/min

    Or any derivative of that. There was also one that was like:

    Order: 1000 mL q24hr Available: 1000 mL (10 drops per mL). ________gtts/min

    If anyone can help me with that ASAP, I will be so grateful!
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  3. by   akadimkz
    There is a confusion to me the word problems that I've been working on tell you the volume and the time and you just multiply it by the drop factor. So for this problem I would do 275 divided by 60 and multiply it by 10 which equals 45.8gtts/min. The 500 available is throwing me off.

    The other one might be 1000/1440 multiplied by 10 which is 6.9gtts/min

    I hope this can be of some assistance

    Let me know if this is the right answer and how to get the answer if not. I'm just a prenursing student but I want to start now remembering the dosage calculations. !!!!!!!!
  4. by   catz123
    #of ml to be infused X # of drops in a ml (drop factor)
    ____________________________________________ = drops/minute

    # of minutes to infuse the above amount

    another way is: iv fluid ordered X drop factor
    ______________________________________ = drip rate
    time framed ordered

    I hope this helps. I am also a nursing student
  5. by   Toribeth08
    Thanks to you both

    If I remember correctly akadimkz, I think you're right on those. I know for sure you're right on the first one, because I remember being told that was the answer. The 500 was what threw me off as well. So basically, what's available doesn't even need to be factored in when it comes to these problems. Just the order. Am I right?
  6. by   CRIMSON
    gtt/min= 10gtt/1ml x 275ml/1hr x 1hr/60min = 2750/60 = 45.8 rounded 46gtt/min

    gtt/min= 10gtt/1ml x 1000ml/24hr x 1hr/60min = 10000/1440 = 6.9 rounded 7gtt/min

    Hope this helps. We have to use dimensional analysis method.
  7. by   Toribeth08
    Before I even got to the end of the solution I was thinking "this is dimentional analysis..." I use that method occasionally for some of my math, and I have tried to improve those skills in the past few days. Thanks for your help