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Hi there im a student and i don't know if i am posting this in the correct place but i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough and offer a few pointers on a possible exam question.. Q) Discuss the immediate nursing care... Read More

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    I am presuming that this is a NCLEX test question... your priority nursing intervention is 2-3 L/M O2 via NC.

    One of the above posters is correct that O2 is a drug, which requires a physicians order to administer. However (in the realm of the NCLEX) if you selected notify the physician (to obtain an order), you would get this question wrong as you are delaying care.

    Additionally, you must auscultate the patient to ensure that adequate ventilation is present.

    COPD pt's will tend to run on the HTN side of the house due to chronic arteriolar vasoconstriction, along with concurrent pulmonary HTN.
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    This is my first time on this website. I will be starting Nursing 2 on January 22. I am finding this very helpful and hope to see more questions and answers like this to help me along my journey.
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    Im not sure if hospitals have standing orders or not but most LTC's in my area have SHO for O2
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    Good luck to you, it shows you have a real interest in nursing which is great
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    Yes i'm aware of that, i don't know why i forgot to write that about the oxygen, slipped my mind! No that was everything really, i just wasnt 100 % what o2 to give! Thanks

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