Difficult Toddler Care Plan

  1. Hey guys! So I try hard not to post homework on here because I am a strong believer in doing it yourself and learning it the right way etc, etc. But I am totally stuck regarding psychosocial diagnoses in my care plans. I had one due on Thursday, which I had a horrific time with because of the psychosocial diagnosis (1 out of 3 has to be psychosocial) and I have another one due Monday. I have the whole care plan done, with exception of the 1 psychosocial diagnosis & interventions. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me... even if it's just psychosocial diagnosis help in general! Here is an outline of my patient, and what I have thought about so far.

    • 14 Month old female
    • 7.3 Kg
    • Admitted to pediatrics on 01/20 for aspiration pneumonia
    • 3rd aspiration this winter that put her in the hospital
    • Meds: D5 1/4 Normal Saline, Unasyn, Robinul, Motrin, Albuterol nebulizer treatments.
    • Previous Med Hx: Trisomy 18 & Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)
    • Patient can not walk, talk, sit up on her own, or support her own head. SEVERELY developmentally delayed.
    • Still drinking formula at 14 months old- has to be thickened to prevent aspiration.
    • Mom is a single mom, baby lives with mom & grandparents.

    I find it extremely difficult to do psychosocial diagnoses on patients that can not speak to me... but especially for children. I have considered doing a diagnoses for the mom instead, which my instructor suggested. I thought about knowledge deficit... but the mom is VERY informed on the condition, and not deficient. I thought about using ineffective coping... but again, the mom is very prepared, well informed, and is coping well. I am now thinking of using 'Caregiver Role Strain' as there is not a father figure... but does that fit, since they live with the grandparents who are probably helping fill the gap? (we don't know this for sure, but its probable)

    I'm just not sure where to go from here. I would appreciate any pointers! Thank you so much!
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