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I am presenting this tomorrow in class... It is a student lead discussion. I have been going back and forth with my answers to this assignment and i was just hoping to get some different point of views that maybe i could add to... Read More

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    Quote from Esme12
    It's not as simple as you think......what research have you done about your states nurse practice act?
    I agree...I see a at least one patient there (likely 2) that could be assigned to a LVN, at least in my state. Plus the LVN could perform some of the duties needed for the other patients.
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    Quote from Kandyrain22
    Priority thing to do would be to get the patients that are to be discharged or transferred out of there to make room for new patients... Next I would check on my chest tubes..
    This may be a priority for the hospital administration who want to make money, or the ED that wants to send up their patients, or the patient that wants to go home, but is it a priority for the nurse? Patients that are ready for discharge are generally stable. A new admission will likely require a lot of more work for the nurse- and has to be done by an RN (assessment). This busy RN may not have time if they have lots of other patients that need attention first.
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    Always ABCs. The clients awaiting discharge are likely stable and can wait. I agree, you should look at your state's nurse practice act to determine exactly how much you can delegate to the LPN.

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