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  1. Hello all,

    I'm writing a DAR for an assignment, but I'm stuck on what I should write down for "focus/problem". Here's what I have:

    10/5/12 0800 D - "I can't find the picture of my granddaughters." Sitting at edge of bed. Dresser moved away from wall, partially blocking access to HOB. Items from top of dresser on bed.

    A - Moved dresser back against wall. Instructed resident not to move dresser w/o help from staff. Placed items on bed back onto top of dresser. Asked for description of missing photograph. Unable to find missing photograph. Advised patient if clutter is reduced, photograph may be found. (she's a hoarder) <-- I didn't write this down on the DAR.

    R - "I try to clean up, but I don't get very far because all I want to do is sleep." Sitting at edge of bed, listening to radio. Bed in lowest position, call light within reach. atomicscissors SVN SOHK

    I'm stuck on the "focus/problem" because I feel silly listing "Missing Picture". I mean, is that even a real nursing problem?

    Or am I going about this the wrong way, focusing too much on the picture? Should the real focus/problem be a risk for injury or fall because of how she moved the dresser by herself, and how it impeded movement around her space?
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  3. by   reveriies
    I think the main focus/problem would be safety as well. The missing picture seems to just put the safety issue into the light. Clutter and moving furniture around definitely poses safety hazards and the potential for injury.
  4. by   MarionGinelsa
    Yeah, that's what I figured. Going through the events in my mind while typing it down here helped me see the bigger picture. I just couldn't get the whole "lost picture" out of my head. lol
  5. by   reveriies
    Lol understandable I was always taught, when in doubt, think ABCs and safety! Good luck on your assignment