Critical care challenge exam

  1. 0 hello,
    i am in the process of going back to school (rn-bsn) thought i was on track to graduate in may and only had 13 hours for spring, then found out that i have a total of 34 hours to get now. but, my problem now is i'm going to take a critical care challenge exam, kind of like a clep test. my advisor told us that it is the final from the regular rn class nursing 411. i really want to spend a lot of time studying for this, i really need to pass (it's a 5 or 6 hour class).

    i'm lost as to where to even start studying. i cannot find my notebook from the class i did take.
    does anyone have any good web sites, information to share, books, programs, anything to help me

    study for the critical care challenge exam.

    thanks in advance!
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