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We are required to wear white for school. Today I dropped by the nursing uniform store and I saw some barco icu scrub pants that I really liked because they weren't thin like most other white pants. They were way too big on me. I... Read More

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    Quote from 5thflrnrse
    Wow, I have the same problem too! Isn't that amazing?? I'm so small and tiny compared to other nurses! Whoops, sorry, I guess this is actually a nursing website and not a 'I'm so little' website! My mistake!
    I'm sorry. But that was a little rude.. No one was bragging about their size. I don't try to be "little". And yes, this is in fact a nursing website. And guess what? NURSES WEAR SCRUBS!! holy cow!! Who knew?! Sheesh. No need in being rude whenever I seriously just wanted input.
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    Thanks everyone!! I have to choose between landau or Cherokee though. :/ hopefully something fits!
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    Ok girls, I have the same problem (5 feet, 105 lbs) and have discovered that Cherokee Workwear 4020 in size XXS Petite are the best! They are super comfy, low rise, and have a drawstring and lots of pockets. They are by far my favorite pants and I have them in all my favorite colors! Second faves are Dickies Hip Flip collection which are also cute, but I tend to like the drawstring better.
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    Thanks everyone for the replies so far. I have tried the cherokee 4020 xxs petite and they do fit very good, like the pp said. Please keep the suggestions coming as you ladies find *perfect* fitting scrubs for us tiny ladies. I look forward to hearing about your fails/successes during your *perfect* scrub pants quest!
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    I just want to add that I love the Cherokee Workwear 4020 pants. They were one of the 3 designs the girls in my program were allowed to choose (at least my class got to choose unlike the previous one). I'm 5'2", weight a little more, and am curvy on the bottom, so I only got the xs. Hopefully they'll shrink a little because the xs were a little big around the waist and the xxs I could barely pull all the way up.

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