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Which Littman Stethoscope for GI Med Surg

  1. 0 Hello I was just wondering which of these littman steths would be good for a GI med surg floor where I will have to listen to everything but probably tons of bowel sounds.

    Littman classic 2 = $80
    Littman master classic 2 = $100
    Cardiology 3 = $170
    Master cardiology = $200
    Cardiology stc = $190

    I really like the master classic 2 and cardiology stc because they both use the single sided head piece instead of having separate bell and diaphragm which I have also heard is better for bowel sounds than the 2 piece head.

    Let me know what you all think price isn't an issue but I have listed approximate prices.

    Currently I am leaning towards the master classic 2 but am open to opinions.
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    Agreed. I don't think you need a cardiology unless you're listening to murmurs or have bad hearing.
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    The cheapest!