What stethoscope to get?

  1. So I'm about to start nursing school and I'm curious what stethoscope I should get? I've been looking at littmann and I've heard they are the best. I'm thinking the Littmann Classic II SE would be a good first one to get, but I'm open to opinions! Also, does anyone have the raspberry color? Is it a bright pink or more of a maroon color? On different sites it shows up as a different color and I would like it more if it actually is a brighter pink. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   MLDBSNRN
    Your nursing department may require a specific kind (mine did). I got the Littman Lightweight and I LOVE it. haven't even thought of getting a different one. I dont have the raspberry but some of my friends did and I would call it more of a bright pink--but I dont like pink so they all look the same to me
  4. by   Kristy02_RN
    i have the littman lightweight like the poster above and so do a lot of nurses on my unit. it's great! I have no complaints, and I hear things very very well compared to other stethoscopes i've owned/used.
  5. by   SunshineDaisy
    I also have a Littman in the baby pink (my daughter picked it out*L*) and it's so nice! A fellow classmate has the rasberry one and it's a dark pink, not marroon.
  6. by   ColorfulStethoscope
    I currently have the Lightweight and I am not happy with it. If the room is not completely quiet I can not hear a thing with it. I just ordered a Littmann Classic II S.E. today so we will see if it is any better. Medisave.net is having a free shiping (USPS) all weekend if you're interested!
  7. by   VT nurse
    I also bought the Littman lightweight II for school last year and I HATED it! The Littman classic is good and a good nursing school steth. For my birthday my parent's bought me a Littman Cardiac steth and it is awesome!!!! (expensive though, runs about $160). My instructor would always borrow it in clinical last year because she loved it so much and she's been a nurse for about 8 years. I'm looking forward to actually using it in my first nursing job which starts soon!!!