Nursemates for FLAT feet

  1. Has anyone with flat feet tried the Nursemates Sabrina or Bryar? What is your opinion of the Nursemates brand in general?


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  3. by   focusedvalpn
    I've never tried this brand but I have flat feet n I pronate. Needless to say I can go through shoes like no bodies business and I love timberland hiking boots. The style I use is Men's Chocorua Trail w/Gore-Tex membrane it runs $130 on their site but in stores u can catch them on sale for less I paid $79. I've been using these for about 12 yrs I used to work in a speciality shoe store in hs and fell in love with them. I can stand on the cement floors we have in nursing for 16 hrs and get off and do it again with no worries and I have done 40 hrs of ot plenty of times in these. No swollen feet, aching feet or back, or burning calves. In these I can work my shift put on a 4.5 inch heels and not die the next day from my feet hurting in my work shoe the heel towards the end of the night is a different story lol. I have worn the same pair for 3 yrs b4 I replaced them. Granted I did try other shoes during but they were a waste of money and ended up being given away so I cut the total 4yrs to 3yrs. Plus they are waterproof aka urine/vomit proof, easy to clean, great for snow n mud, and they last and feel sooo good. And despite the look they are not heavy to me anyway the cloggs feel heavier.Another shoe is the Nike shox they are good and cost from 80-130 depending on where u get them.
    but they hurt my feet after a while but friends who don't pronate while walking had no problems.
    I know u asked for a certain brand but I have had no luck with "nursing shoe brands" thought is share what I know.
  4. by   yousoldtheworld
    My feet aren't completely flat, but I will say that Nursemates are some of the least comfortable shoes I've ever worn.