Deciding between Dansko Kelsey & Nursemates Quantum: Weigh in!

  1. Hi everyone! I am starting nursing school in the Fall, and like many other nursing students, am required to wear all-white, all-leather shoes with a back (meaning no clogs). I have relatively weak ankles so have crossed the clunky looking professional Danksos off my list (despite rave reviews from friends), because they just look like a twisted ankle waiting to happen to me. So far, I have narrowed down my search to the Dansko Kelsey and the NurseMates Quantum. Anyone ever try these and have an opinion about comfort and durability?

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  3. by   Im a Pepper
    I tried the Quantum's! The "pillow top" sole IS pretty comfortable, but I had the correct size and my ankles were slipping out of them a lot. So if I were rushing, or getting on my tippy toe's to reach for something, I'd be half out of the shoe. I could see this being a pain when walking quickly so I don't think this is a "12-hour day" type of shoe. The size down was too small. But they may fit you better!

    I haven't tried the Dankso's but I've read that the sizes can be a little tricky to nail down so it's good to go somewhere that specializes in them (they'll measure you and make sure you're fitted with the proper size).

    As for me, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes!
  4. by   Jaysie1
    Thanks for the reply! In the end, neither style actually worked for me (Nursemates just didn't have enough support in the toes and arch, and Danskos were both extremely heavy and way too big on me). I also tried the Sanita Professionals (similar to the Danskos), but I felt like I was going to fall in them. I ended up keeping the Timberland Renovo pair but the jury is still out on how they feel at the end of a full day- I'll know tomorrow.