Am I being weird worrying so much about varicose veins?

  1. So I bought 8mmHg compression socks (SuppSocks)..I am a brand new, fresh out of school baby nurse haha.. I just really dont want to get spider veins or varicose veins.. my dad has them really really badly and my mom has spider veins so its familial for me perhaps..

    Anyways, I heard they help (reading a lot of allnurses posts ) and I'm really into preventing issues before they occur... I just dont want to wake up in 20 years and feel insecure about wearing shorts/skirts etc. And my new job is already 40 hours a week and they said after my 12 week orientation I need to be prepared to come in more than that...and here's the kicker... between 8 and 10 patients??? So I'll be standing up a lot. UGH

    Now that I've read this post over, maybe I should be more worried about my patient load than my legs
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