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I am going to apply to Universidad Metropolitana, and Inter Americana, for the Bi-lingual nursing programs there. If any one has any information about applying to either school, information about how... Read More

  1. by   EpicStetson
    Hello, yes! I plan to get it done as quickly as possible. They say that's 3 years but my friends that have gone say it can be done quicker if you take more classes and push them to let you finish. I want to do it in 2 years. I was also going to go in January but I finally decided to just go when I move in July. I'm definitely looking to roommate and am open to options.
  2. by   Nurse2bPearl14
    Ok, great, well once I visit in Jan and secure everything, including a start date, I'll be looking for someone to room with, I too am open to my options. I will return to this post soon and give you all as much updated info as possible. Happy New Year, ready for a big change!!
  3. by   Nurse2bPearl14
    I'm ready to make the move. Heading to PR July 2017, to start the accelerated program in August. Can't wait!
  4. by   lizc0127
    Hello! I am also am really interested in attending the accelerated program at Inter- Metro in august 2017. I am really nervous that i wont be able to sit for the boards in California. Does anyone know or have experience if you attend this accelerated program it will meet the requirements for California? Please let me know. Thank you and also i would love to get in touch with anyone who will be attending this program in August. Thanks!!
  5. by   Waldo92
    I'm going at the end of June to go pick my classes and pay them, find a place to rent and a car. Maybe we should start a group chat or something.
  6. by   lizc0127
    Yea for sure. How do we go about doing that?
  7. by   Waldo92
    Just PM me your #, I had Epicsteton # but i lost it =/ hopefully he and nurse2b come back and see the thread.
  8. by   lizc0127
  9. by   Mohorov
    My wife and I may be moving to Puerto Rico and I'm looking into the nursing program at Recinto Metro Universidad Interamericana De Puerto Rico... The website is pretty confusing regarding deadlines, transcripts, and pre-requisites. How long did the application process take for you? Is there anyone at the school, like a counselor, who I can contact with specifics about applying?
  10. by   Mohorov
    Can I join this conversation or have some other way to get in contact with you? I'm interested in hearing about your experience and maybe get some guidance.
  11. by   Nurse2bPearl14
    The whole process is time consuming and its on you to follow up and stay on top of things. As I stated before, I went to visit the school,in January. This was after submitting my application online in December 2016. While there, I submitted tranacripts, signed a couple docs and confirmed that I could return to begin the accelerated program in August. I received my admissions letter in the mail in early March. Since then I have had to figure out how to register, get my financial aid evaluated and figure out who exactly to contact. You really have to be on top of the whole process. Don't ever wait for the school to contact you. If you know you haven't submitted your transcripts or a copy of your ID, just submit it. They requested documents from me through the mail, specifically regarding financial. I have followed through Everytime. So, this past week, I contacted financial aid to see when my school loan amount would be finalized. I sent an email to 4 different people. A gentleman replied with 2 sentences, saying I needed to enroll in at least 6 units and even then, they won't evaluate for financial aid for the August trimester until the end of June. Ok, so I then emailed the registrar, saying I need to enroll in my classes. I found a registration form online, along with a catalog and the recently posted class schedule. I filled out the form and emailed that to the registrar and a few of the assistants in that office. The registrar replies with, I need a copy,of your ID. I'm thorough, so I immediately emailed her a coph,of my CADL, passport and my SS card, lol. Then she replies, are you a new student, I dont show you as active. Well come to find out, I was admitted into the March-May cycle, and because I didnt show up in March, they deactivated my admission. What? So the registrar was awesome enough to forward my info to the admissions director. Now I'm waiting to be readmitted so that I can be registered into my classes. Geez, here we go. On the other hand I have made contact with other residents who say sometimes peoll2e don't get enrolled in classes until weeks into the trimester. This,is just an example,of the hurry up and wait, island way of things. I encourage you to apply online, and then continue to follow up with the school on a regular basis, email or call whoever you can, submit your docs and once you get the admissions letter, just plan your move. Everything else can be worked out. There is no deadline, no strict admission rules. Be patient, be resourceful and stay on top of it. Also check out the inter metro FB page, lots of resources and friendly students. I can't wait to get there.
  12. by   Nurse2bPearl14
    Quote from Waldo92
    Just PM me your #, I had Epicsteton # but i lost it =/ hopefully he and nurse2b come back and see the thread.
    Can you PM me? I dont think I'm capable of sending messages quite yet. I fly out July 9th. How about you?
  13. by   Digotogo
    Hi there ! How does financial aid work ? Did u need private loans or only grants ? I'm planning to apply for next march 2018, but I'm not sure how Puerto Rico situation will end up . Which classes are u taking before the nursing program? Have a nice day !