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Can anyone please tell me what "stacking" is? I am a new nurse and 1st heard the term this weekend in regards to a patient who was on hospice and had been prescribed both morphine and hydrocodone. Thanks!... Read More

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    I am a med surg ortho RN and I would say it could mean two things - one alternating and two which I think it is- is stacking one on top of the other. One -hydrocodone is medium acting 4-6 hrs and morphine is shorter acting couple hrs or longer depending on how given. You can give morphine in pill and that could last 8 hrs and then hydrocodone for breakthru pain or visa versa. If in hospice its probably morphine and then hydrocodone additionally if needed. If its a med surg patient with mild to mod pain then hydrocdn given and morphine as a prn if really bad pain flares up. got it. Remember it is never wrong to ask it is wrong NOT TO!! smile 04
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    I've always used the term 'stairstepping' in terms of alternating 2 different pain medications. Have never heard of 'stacking'; will ask some other nurses at work today.
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    i am doing rn-bsn and our instructor happen do give us this link. http://nursingworld.org/mainmenucate...rk-of-rns.aspx
    stacking is the invisible, decision-making work of rns about the what, how, and when of delivering nursing care to an assigned group of patients (ebright et al., 2003).

    i hope it helps.

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