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    So, I'm studying for NCLEX (tomorrow is the big day!) and came up with a few sorta dumb med memory tricks that might help you all out (and it will help me memorize them by talking about it!--so, win-win!!!)

    Going by the med ending (and few are inappropriate).

    -afil... You won't be a-fillin anything with erectile dysfunction.

    -azole... It would suck to have fungus in the a-zole.

    -barbital.... I had a clinical instructor named Barb and she knew it all...soooo "Barb knew it all, and know it alls are depressing. (CNS Depressants)

    -etine (SSRI).."my mood feels e-tinee bit better"

    -lol....LOLs block to lower blood pressure (so, like a beta blocker...a good laugh...good mood=better blood pressure) Just an FYI, nothing to do with antidepressants, just blood pressure.

    -oxin...can't really share this in words, but I drew an ox laying on it's back with a tongue sticking it...because, "the ox is in heart failure".

    -april...April lowers your blood pressure.

    -Tidine (H2)..."to dine is to eat without pain".

    -Triptan "I trip to tan, not get headaches".
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    LOL! Cute, thanks!
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    CJDmomma: LOL = betablockers
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    and as my cohort learned in clinical... when asked what does a beta blocker do? "blocks beta" is not a correct answer.... and will only get a smile once.
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    How did your test go, OP?
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    If the Pearsonvue trick is accurate, I PASSED :-) I couldn't enter my credit card information because I got the "good" pop up. I had 230 questions and it took me four hours. I'm pretty sure I left the building feeling the absolute worst I've ever felt about myself and started crying as soon as I saw my husband. I thought I was going to throw up when I was checking Pearson's website. Not ONE of these meds were on my test, lol. Just a bunch I had never heard of! Oh well, glad it's over and with good results. :-)
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    Wow!Congrats!! please advise me what should I need to study to pass the test?
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    Congrats!! Please share some tips on what to study for.....and what you used to study? Im taking mine in 2 weeks and sooo super nervous and feel so unprepared. The ones that get me are priority questions....Ahhhh!!! Thanks and im sure your an RN now!!!! yeah!!
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    We would write "LOL" and draw a baby's face inside the "O."
    Baby beta is blocked in!
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    YAY!!!! I am so happy for you!!! WHOO HOO! do tell what you used to study.