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I'm very interested in the Excelsior Nursing program, but I'm so skeptical about it. Anyone here who can enlighten me more about the program, tuition, dos and don'ts, e.t.c.... Read More

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    i think she means it is not just a nursing program....excelsior has degree programs in other areas ....

    Quote from tashalpn2006
    how is it not a nursing program? they are accredited, though not accepted in every state due to the fact it's "distance learning" and some people have not caught on to the fact that distance learning doesn't equate to not a real degree! no it is not a brick and mortar school, with clinical assignments and an instructor but its is well and true a nursing school or else it wouldn't have any accreditation at all! it just makes me upset that someone new will see this comment who hasn't done the research and go "oh it's not a real nursing program" so that's an unfair statement and and uninformed one as well!

    just my 2 worth...

    i've been going at it for a little over 7 mo, i find it wonderful that i can move through the program as quick or as slow as i deem neccesary you can see by my signature where i'm at/grades/time frame =) i'm looking forward to finishing this spring and taking my nclex-rn! =) check out facebook's excelsior pages including the ece page, do searches for posts on here on allnurses, and create a free myec acct at www.excelsior.edu to read over all their info, also you can call the school and they have always been very helpful both before i became a student and after!

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    ahhhh see my over-studied tired brain wasn't processing that little bit! LOL..sorry...i do get a bit defensive of my school i guess...probably because i've heard so many people cut it down and if there were more people with open minds it can really be beneficial for so many!
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    Anyone have success getting accepted in the facebook excelsior nursing group? My request has been pending for weeks.

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