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University of Cincinnati RN-BSN Pre-Reqs

  1. 0 Hello all,

    I am an RN with an ADN, and I have been looking closely at the University of Cincinnati's online RN-BSN program.

    My question is, are there pre-reqs/general education classes for the RN-BSN that are not listed on their nursing website? The website shows statistics, one year of Anatomy & Physiology, microbiology, introduction to psychology, introduction to sociology, freshman English, intermediate English, history elective, fine arts or humanity elective, and a cultural diversity elective. Is that really all? I have all of these.

    Sometimes I have found that some schools will also require other pre-reqs for admission to the college itself before someone can apply to the school of nursing. I haven't found any on UC's website, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything.

    I know that sometimes reaching someone to answer questions can be like pulling teeth so I thought I would ask here as well in case no one returns my call from the school in time. I'd like to know soon because I just enrolled in a Chem 101 class and I have until Monday to withdraw for a 100% refund if I don't need the class. Thanks.
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    did you ever find any info ? I would be interested, How are things going for you?
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    look forward to hearing about your progress.