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  1. Does anyone know if Texas Tech charges out-of-state tuition for it's online RN-BSN program for non-residents? This is another program that's on my short list.

    Their website is ambiguous because when you're on the initial RN-BSN page it says "tuition depends upon delivery method" but when you click on the tuition link, it takes you to the generic Texas Tech registrar's office site that lists the in-state and out-of-state tuition for people attending classes in person.

    I've heard different things from different people. Does anyone know for sure? If they charge out-of-state and their program is 14000+ dollars, then it is definitely ex-ed off my list. Their program would take the same amount of work and same amount of time for me to complete as Penn State, except Texas Tech ain't Penn State so why should I pay that much to go there when I can get a Penn State degree that requires the same thing of me for the same price? Plus, they don't let you take core classes concurrently with the nursing classes like PSU does. I would have to take the 3 core classes I need for Texas Tech in the fall, and then take 15 hours in the Spring and 15 hours in the summer. With PSU I'll end up taking 15 hours in the fall, 15 hours in the spring, and 6 hours in the Summer, so I avoid that hellish 15 hours in 10 weeks summer session by going to Penn State.

    However, if they offer in-state tuition to out-of-state students and a Georgia boy like myself could get the 3600 dollar per semester deal, then they've definitely got my attention. I really hope someone comes along and tells me they charge out-of-state tuition. I'm looking for a reason to ax them but if I can get the in-state price from Georgia I'd have to keep them hovering near the top of my choices.
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  3. by   yerRN
    They charge out of state tuition.
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