Texas BNE Laboratory Requirements

  1. does anyone know for sure if texas bne requires a laboratory component for a&p and micro??? excelsior does not require it, but says to make sure the board doesnt require it. i have searched the boards website, but cant seem to find a definite answer.
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  3. by   little miss redpatch
    I looked since I am in TX, too. The science and other pre reqs are usually up to the individual school (that's why they vary). I checked just in case. It looks like you can do your A&P and Micro however your school says is best.

    From: http://www.bne.state.tx.us/nursinged...ulum.html#faq1

    "What are specific requirements about a program of study in nursing?

    Professional nursing education (RN) programs are required to include basic curriculum content:
    • non-nursing courses which provide supportive areas of study in biological and behavioral sciences and the humanities
    • nursing courses providing didactic and clinical learning experiences in the 4 content areas:
    • medical-surgical
    • maternal/child health
    • pediatrics
    • mental health
  4. a systematic approach to clinical decision making to prepare students to safely practice professional nursing through the promotion, prevention, rehabilitation, maintenance, and restoration of the health of individuals of all ages
  5. professional values including ethics, safety, diversity, and confidentiality
  6. Nursing Practice Act and Rules & Regulations
  7. issues in health care"
  • by   Medic2RN
    I'm in Texas also. They didn't require it when I went through Excelsior. Keep in mind though, if at a later time you want to further your education, you will probably have to retake A&P and Micro in order to acquire that lab component.
  • by   SHARWELL
    Quote from medic2rn
    i'm in texas also. they didn't require it when i went through excelsior. keep in mind though, if at a later time you want to further your education, you will probably have to retake a&p and micro in order to acquire that lab component.

    i was thinking about that also. im hoping that the local community college would let me take the lab by itself. im taking the lecture portion online through the local comm. college, and it says lecture/lab. so, im still trying to figure out how that works.
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