Tell me about Capella BSN completion program

  1. You know...the stuff the admissions counselors don't tell, the stuff you can't read in the brochure. How do you like it? Is it really feasible to work full time and take the full load of classes? Why did you choose Capella? Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   roseonye
    hi. i didnt attend the school but i will tell what the rep told me. i had applied to CU, chamberlain and a few more. i was accepted in all of Capella i was going to go but i was required to take 11 classes all nursing clases by the way. and it was going to take almost 18months. also the rep was soooo pushy he was annoying. he said i could take 3 classes at a time. what really? i even got a list of all the classes. i may go there for masters after i am done with chamberain