TAMUCC ELine BSN program

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    So I am thinking of applying for the BSN ELine program at TAMUCC. Have anyone done it?
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    I was thinking of applying too, for the Fall 2013 entry. I'm a little apprehensive of doing a program online, but I can't move to CC. It's a back up in case I don't get into any local programs in San Antonio.
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    Yea I know I rather do it in person. Yes that is my back up plan as well because I plan on applying at TAMIU in Laredo.
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    I got accepted to the UTHSC in San Antonio, so I won't be doing the eline program. Have you heard from that school in Laredo yet?
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    Congrats!!! ....No I will not be able to apply till Spring 2014, but I might apply for the ADN program at the community college this May.
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    Thanks! Well good luck!
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    You're welcome! & thanks! ..I wanted to ask you how many students do they choose there at UTHSC?
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    For the accelerated program, I think they take around 100. It seems they are low on qualified applicants because they have extended the Nov. 1st deadline to Jan. 14th.
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    That is awesome!!! When do you start? Here in Laredo they only take 50 at both colleges & there is only 1 admission period for each school.
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    Did any of you end up attending TAMUCC Eline program? If so, what has your impression been thus far?