Straighterline Credit Transfer Question

  1. Hello All,
    I have a question regarding the transfer of credits from Straighterline. I am pretty certain my University will not accept credits straight from Straighterline (they also won't accept ACE credits). I have read that back when Fort Hays University was a partner college, they transcribed SL classes and made it look as if the course had been taken from Fort Hays. This would have been ideal since my school will transfer credits from Fort Hays but as they are no longer a partner college this is no longer an option. Does anyone know of any current partner colleges (that dont require a $1000 registration fee ect) that do what Fort Hays use to do? I am looking into Jefferson Community and Technical but will take any school that transcribes it as if the course was taken at their school and not SL.. I don't mind paying a transcription fee either.

    (I sent SL an email a few weeks ago addressing this and I have yet to hear from them which is why I am asking you all.)

    Thank You.
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