RN to BSN bridge for those who already have a BS?

  1. Hi all,

    Ive searched high and low in these forums, but really couldnt find any threads relevant to my situation. I am an RN (ADN) with a Bachelor of Science that I had prior to starting nursing school. I could not afford the accelerated BSN route 2nd degree option, so I had to do the ADN at the time.

    I am considering bridging straight to a MSN (and have found several programs that bridge RNs to an MSN with a prior BS), but at this time I'm not really sure what Master's degree I would like to pursue. Also, I'm not sure how a bedside nurse with a Master's in Nursing would be perceived as far as being hired goes (I am currently working but in this economy you never know what will happen and when you may need to be job hunting!)

    Does anyone know of an online program that either: a) is an RN-MSN for those with a BS, but awards a BSN along the way, or b) an RN- BSN for nurses who already have a BS?

    From the looks of things, I "should" only need a few classes to get my BSN, but looking at the few RN-BSN programs I have seen, they are just as long that I may as well go get my MSN! For several of the RN-MSN programs for people with a prior BS, they only require 3 or 4 bridge courses and then the RN is eligible to apply for the MSN track. And, if a non-nurse with a prior Bachelor degree can become an RN BSN in a 1 year accelerated program, why would it take me just as long, if not longer, if I already have the RN and the BS (therefore the core basic ed requirements) done? Makes no sense lol.

    Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   cpl_dvldog
    One program I have looked at, UAB, has the RN-BSN-MSN program. I compared this program the the AMNP program which completes the BSN in 3 semester, 1 year. The AMNP program is very intense working on the BSN. It is ~17 hrs a semester on campus. The RN-BSN-MSN program is fewer hours per semester, thus it takes 3 semesters to complete the BSN portion. It is set up for people that are working as a nurse and cannot dedicate their entire life to nursing school again.

    I am not really sure how comfortable I would be with a "shake and bake" NP. Going from zero nursing experience to a NP in 3 years. With the first of those years immersed in classwork. Leaving two years of part-time nursing experience before becoming a NP.

    Just my opinion.
  4. by   RDH1
    Thanks! I'm already an RN, but I have no interest in becoming an NP. When I do go for my MSN, I was thinking something in management or along those lines.
  5. by   cpl_dvldog
    A close friend of mine got her MSN in Community Health. She said that degree gave her the most career choices. It qualified her to hold a Nurse Manager's position (which she does), a Nurse Educator, and others.
  6. by   Kgarcia37
    Check out University of Phoenix or Grand Canyon University. Both offer an online MSN bridge program for previous Bachelors degree students with a RN.
  7. by   cb256
    I was just looking for info on RN-MSN program at UAB and this thread came up. RDH1, your initial post is pretty much my exact situation at this time. I realize this is from Jan, 2012. I was curious to see what you decided to do, where and if you were happy with your decision? I'm exploring options and would love some insight from someone who has done it!

    Thanks in advance