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Hey everyone, I'm having a really tough time studying for excelsior's exams. i find myself getting lost in the material and to be quite honest I don't even know what to study half the time. I have downloaded the content guides... Read More

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    I used my saunder's Nclex review and study group101, and the content guide. The Health safety stuff is in the Nclex review book

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    cool thanks for the info!
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    sherryw1 have you taken any exams yet. did the college network module help with the health safety exam
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    I have been doing the readings using EC content guides...Im alittle analytical and forgetful at times so I do a reading for the section, then do some quesitoning from Saunders NCLEX Review for that helps me to remember with me working nights and trying to reverse my study time to days ...then when Im all finished with reading and questioning I take first practice exam...go over the questions, rationales...then take practice exam B doing same....sometimes when I feel I dont have a good understanding I will go back and read about it once again...the best way is try to find a method that helps you to understand the info. the best....some people find (audio, visual etc...) Best of wishes!

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