Notre Dame College in OHIO RN to BSN?

  1. Does anyone have any experience with Notre Dame College in OHIO, I spoke briefly with someone on the phone, there is no clinical, no practicum hours and they are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).
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    Hi Alodocios,

    I too am looking for an RN to BSN program online to fit my schedule and am interested in the Notre Dame College program. Have you completed the program already? How did you like it? I am already working a Med Tele RN position and want to advance my career and admittedly am drawn to the Notre Dame program based purely on the name appeal. Your input is much appreciated
  4. by   alodocios
    Hi, i did two 8 week semesters with Notre Dame. The name does sound good even though it isn't the one everyone thinks lol! I transfered to Chamberlain because Notre Dame in Ohio doesn't give you any credit for your license and require a lot of credits to to graduate. Also, they don't alway have every class that they tell you you have to take so you have to get those classes somewhere else! Chamberlain took most of my transfer classes, gives you i believe 82 credits just for having your RN license and i only had to take the minimum required credits for residency which equals about 11 classes or 32 credits. I would have had to take 65 credits to graduate from Notre Dame and that was after transferring in my credits. It would have taken at least two years to complete. The program wasn't bad, but they did have a lot of homework, I mean a lot compared to what I have now. Lots of papers to write compared to Chamberlain's one paper per class. I had one class where i had to write 4 papers. So if you have the time, it is okay, if you have a busy life, I would pass. If you don't mind graduating in 2-3 years then go for it the program is nice, the staff are nice, the load is just heavy. The program is an accelerated 8 weeks per semester. I was able to get all the financial aid I needed and had no out of pocket expense. There were many working nurses taking and doing well in the classes but they could only take one class at a time. I wasn't working at the time so i was taking multiple classes, but knew I would never keep up when I started my new job. They offer heavy reading assignments also: many chapters and expect you to read them in a couple of days, because you will have an assignment to do that you will need to have read those assignments. Like I said, not a bad program, but very heavy time expensive.