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    I'm a student in the EC Nursing program. I applied and was recently accepted into a community college and now I'm torn as to which school to complete. The CPNE scares me to death and I really need the hands on experience of the clinical which EC doesn't provide. I want to work ASAP and with the community college I would need to take 4 nursing classes (pre-reqs done already). With EC I would have to take 6 nurses classes, the fcca and cpne. I'm trying to list the pros and cons of both. With EC no time traveling to get to clinical and classes 4 days a week. With comm. college I get hands on experience and can go anywhere in the US without limitations. I don't want to make the wrong decision. Any advice please.
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  3. by   little miss redpatch
    I have enrolled in Excelsior because the open schedule works for me & my life. I am very determined and self-motivated. I prayed about it and slept on it, before I decided.

    One benefit that I see of a regular, community college course is that it keeps you going at a certain pace, so you will finish in a normal time frame. I have met some Excelsior RNs that have made it through & graduated, but I also know of some that have been "working on it" for years and just don't seem to work on it at all! If there is a chance that you might get distracted by life, I would suggest a traditional school.

    Experience is a good thing. If you think that you are lacking, I would suggest the community college route or stick with Excelsior but get a job that allows you do work in a clinical setting.

    Also, what does your gut feeling about it? That feeling is usually your most accurate answer.