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Lamar state college pa lvn-rn mobility nursing program

  1. 1 Passed rnsg 2535 first exam 95.45% . Good luck to the next test. Study hard you guys..
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    HI, arlel58 can you give me any key pointers as to what you did to pass RNSG 1423. THANKS IN ADVANCE MSDIONNE
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    Hello MsDionne,
    1423 is a tough class and 1260 combine are tough classes together. U need really need to read the presentation on blackboard over and over again plus your chapter readings well. Exposed yourself to the rationales pertaining to the particular topic the module is asking for. I always go to Barnes n Noble read the nclex books pertaining to the module that I was tested for. I made A n B on those classes. I think u just started that class last Sept.17 right? Good luck to u Ms.Dionne. I'll be finishing the program March 24, 2013. Graduation May 10, 2013. Can't wait to graduate. Been there befor, and I am sure you gonna make it too.
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    How long is the actual program not including the prereqs.....Im trying to decided if I want to start with the Jan class....And how are the classes taken, can you take more than one at time or do they put a limit on the number of classes?
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    Hello KinshasasS LPN,
    The actual program is 15 months. I started last Jan.9 2012 end March 24, 2013. Assuming u already finished all your pre reqs. My suggestion is to go on their website and you will ask some information. You can give your email address and phone number i believe and you can download the requirements. It is a doable program but u need to be self discipline cuz you're by your own my dear. They run my modules..there are only two modules that has two subjects helth assessment and pathophysology.another module is transition to LVN to RN virtual lab. The rest are by itself. I cannot wait to finish. I am excited. Good luck to your nursing career. Go for it. You can do it.
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    I keep getting different answers from the staff of the program so I decided to ask someone that was actually in the program. So basically this program is almost like Excelsior minus their 3day clinical. Ok well thanks....I think I'll try ISU hopefully I cant beat the deadline for the challenge test if not I'll be starting with Lamar's Jan class
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    O and will see the light in March...
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    Good luck to your challenge test via ISU. What part of Texas are you in? I'm base in Houston. Angelo State University in Angelo, TX has same program with Lamar. Got all my pre reqs with them too, But i chose Lamar cuz of their challenge test too like ISU. Keep in touch on how did u do on those 3 challenge exams PEDI,OB.Mental Health. What books did u study on this challenge tests?
    arlel 58
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    Im in Richmond (houston area).....ISU has 4 challenge exams which is the same as Angelo State but they have med surg.....I thought about Angelo State but I was read that you have to find your own clinicals....ISU is a BSN program and they find the clinical site for you and you are able to receive financial aid which would be a big help!!!
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    I still have to take the 4 exams before nov 1st....I know Im pushing
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    O I is 4 exams with medsurg..oh well I know it is a bsn program how long is the course? God's willing as soon I finished my lamar rn i will try WGU for my bsn i heard a lot of good news and affordable price.Phe financial aid helps a lot. Not lke lamar pay as u go along. But my employer reimburse me after I give them my passing grade. What bookd of review do u need to study on the challenge tests?
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    I decided to go with Lamar because my proctor didnt really understand the details, I was using the proctor at the library. I guess that was a sign saying to go thru Lamar although I wouldve have rather went with least I want be restricted on working in different states since ISU is not accepted are your classes going?
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    Finish and passed my my class RNSG 2535 with an A 93.69%...Next part is clinicals starting October 29- Dec.2. Finishing the program by March 24, 2013. Good to you guys. Keep up the good work, You'll make it through.