Lamar state college port arthur online nursing program 2012 - page 8

Has anyone else applied to start in June 2012?! Or is already attending. Looking to get to know other classmates.... Read More

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    Good evening dbeagan,
    I too am in the LSPA program, just completed the RNSG 2535. I'm to start the 1st clinical rotation next week. Any pointers as to how to approach the assignments ? I've struggle though the last two classes with adding extra study time. (even less sleep). I would appreciate any suggestions or comments you could give.

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    I hope that all of you all do well and pass the NCLEX the BON just changed the status from Full with warning to Conditional and therefore they cannot enroll anymore students until NCLEX pass rates improve.
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    Good luck fellow students. I will also be starting my clinical rotation on Feb. 18th. I'm excited, and worried about HESI. I did a mock and scored 64%. Anyone have any pointers on how to improve my test scores? I am also in South Texas border town to Mexico. Eagle Pass here if there's anyone out there email me I welcome any info.
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    "I am not being negative just being straight-up and honest. If you like "easy" and hope to slide by on a wing and a prayer walk away now and save your money. There is nothing easy about the program. My advice is that you stay on top of your game, do not fall behind, and study, study, study, study, and then study some more"

    I have been a nursing instructor for 8 years and a nurse for over 30. EVERY nursing program, whether in the seat or online is very very difficult. If you are looking for easy and to skate by, then you need to pick another profession.

    Online classes pose an additional challenge in that you do not have an instructor readily available to immediately answer your questions. If you are not a self-starter, have difficuly managing your own time, and require someone to direct your study, then perhaps the "online" programs are not for you.

    I agree with this poster. If you find yourself falling behind, I encourage you to find a faculty that you feel comfortable with, and use him/her as your mentor. There are "good" and "bad" instructors in all types of programs.
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    Hi, arlel58

    You really helped me with some advice you gave me in RNSG-1423. Do you have any advice for the final exam for RNSG-2514. PLEASE!!! And were are you doing your clinicals.

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    Can you give me any advice on RNSG 2535? I start this class on Feb 25. I struggles with 2514. I would appreciate it.
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    Did you move up to RNSG 2535? If so, if you would like to get in touch with me my email address is I would like to have someone else to reach out to in the same class.
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    Can you give me any advice for RNSG 2535? I start this class on Feb 25.
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    How did u pass the exams of rnsg 2514

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