Lamar state college port arthur online nursing program 2012 - page 3

Has anyone else applied to start in June 2012?! Or is already attending. Looking to get to know other classmates.... Read More

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    patty, thank you for sharing this info with us, i sent a request to join group. im excited for this opportunity, im starting on monday. any advice would be helpful. and congrats.

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    Im also starting sept 2012 do u know what our next step is after the acceptance letter and email setup?
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    I start this september and was wondering about the clinical they give us the patch & name tag?
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    Hello Austin Nurse,
    I am just one class behind you RNSG is a tough class. I heard your class is a continuation of our class. Any input? How do you study for the test any suggestions. I appreciate it very much.
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    Yes. My co worker just her badge and patch a while ago. She needs to buy the uniform somewhere else. Cuz the school price is too much. She said. I am on RNSG 2514 one more class to go RN 2535 then clinicals.
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    Stay focus. I have been there before. I am one class away from clinicals. Finishing March 2013.
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    Im starting in september too!
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    I am looking for a study buddy in the Dallas metroplex area, I am in the September class as well.
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    I am wanting to start the program, my DON actually informed me about the program. I need three of the prereqs Micro, nutrition, and i was wondering about public speaking because I took public cummunication it seems like the same class. Also do they ever allow you to congruently take the program and do the prereqs at the same time. If not how long are those classes through them I can not find the answers anywhere.

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