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Has anyone else applied to start in June 2012?! Or is already attending. Looking to get to know other classmates.... Read More

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    Hello! I received my acceptance letter 2 days ago but,... I am very (extremely) freaked about the unknown... not sure what to expect... any comments, suggestion or anything anyone can tell would be awesome!
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    I queen2bee, i cant recall that you have to be a lvn for 6 months to apply, you could call and ask, or check the website to find out for sure. You have to be working as lvn to do clinicals. since clinicals will be done at your place of employment inwhich your employer has to agree your allowed to do your clinicals at that facility with a Rn or Rnbsn with one yr plus experience. They recommend for you to work at least partime. If you have this set up yet, you sill can apply, but try getting things lined up.
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    congrats! we will recieve our syllabus the first day of class then will be able to plan out how spend time studying, working etc. whats you questions??? i spoke directly to instructor/progrsm directorwhen icalled inquring about the program, i believe i asked 20+?s in a matter of 5 minutes. so what area of texas are you from? if you dont mind me aking. im from east texas.
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    @CBJ123, I have called to ask questions too, but im still confused about clinicals.... Im from Texas... a small city called Laredo

    Already payed for the computer class, and payed the books....
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    sorry South teXas lol
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    Thanks CBJ, I will be sure to let my friend know. Good luck everyone who is in the program and those who got accepted!!
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    clinicals is toward the end of program for ten weeks. your employer will sign a partnership with the college allowing you to perform your clincials at their facility under the supervision of Rn preceptor. more info on that will be given soon.
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    Hello,I am also starting June 2012 and live in East Texas! Perhaps we could connect for studying.
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    not much longer before classes start? is everyone set for at least the first class?
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    I am currently in Lamar and am in 2535. A few of us have created a FB group. NO CHEATING OR ANSWER SHARING, but a forum where we can help each other out. There are people from all classes in the program. If you want to check it out here is the link:

    179 days to graduation


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