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I'm looking into an RN to BSN online program! I have applied to Jacksonville university and I was wondering if anyone who is in the program or is going to be has any advice and likes the program??... Read More

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    Hello flymedicRN24. Jacksonville is one of my top choices but I'm waiting on admission decisions from 3 other schools. Once i get those, I will choose a school. Did u apply anywhere else? What made u choose Jacksonville? Are u familiar with the program?

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    Hi pandorasbox. I felt the negative issues seen with the bbb with CGU and the coach at UTA helped me decide. I also like that the classes at JU are web based as well. I like seeing and listening to instructions. I am also able to contact the instructor directly. At least that is what I am told.

    I do not know of anyone personally who has went. I just haven't found negative things about the school.

    I live in Florida, so I can also apply for additional grant money awarded to FL residents. I just feel they have more to offer me. I hope that ends up being true.

    So my adventure starts Jan 7th
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    Congratulations on your decision. I was already accepted at Jacksonville, but like I told you, I am waiting on other schools in order to make a final decision. I'm in FL right now visiting family, but that won't get me a discount, lol.

    Is Jacksonville a well known school? Just wondering how it will look on a resume.
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    Thank you. I also applied to UTA. I haven't heard very much from them. An advisor called me last Tues. asking me to complete the application process. I informed him all was done just waiting on my last transcript. He didn't seem to have a clue. JU seems to be well known. Founded in 1930's as Junior College, and 1950's as University.
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    Hi flymedicRN24. Out of curiosity, do you have to do any additional coursework at Jacksonville? They told me I need stats and a 3 hr nutrition course cuz the one I transferred in was only 1 hr.

    Other schools want a combination of other coursework varying from college algebra, stats, another course in speech or communication cuz mine only came in as 2.67 cr hrs, and they must have 3.0 cr hrs. That happened due to the fact that my school was on the qtr system when I attended. Ridiculous to have to take a whole other class just because I'm short 0.33 hrs!

    So, for the moment, Jacksonville is still in the running, but I am still waiting on a decision from UTA and Utica College. I don't have much hope from UTA as they require even more coursework with TX and US history, etc.

    Have u already enrolled for classes at JU?
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    Hi pandorasbox. Yes, I have to take statistics and college algebra. I have already taken a 3 hr Nutrition in as pre-req for AS. I will also have to take history and their intro to chemistry along with world lit, philosophy. I am ok with the classes because I intend on going to graduate school.
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    I'm thinking of starting Jan 7th as well, do you have any tips on grant money for the program?
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    are you planning on taking your classes at a community college? when will we have to have them completed by, I will need stats and Chem
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    what was the course load like? i'm wanting to try to finish in 6 months, 3 classes at a time... what are your thoughts, i'm not working and stay at home... tia
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    how did you hear about the practice project, what did you decide to go for? thanks i'm also considering starting jan 7 rn-bsn jacksonville university

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