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  1. Hi Brooke ~

    I will try to answer your question as briefly as possible about The College Network (TCN). Yes, we do have an agreement with The College Network. To best explain our connection for Phase I and Phase II, I can give you examples of how this may best assist you with your nursing prerequisites and Nursing Challenge Exams (CSMs) and how this will help you make a knowledgeable decision to complete your Phase I and Phase II. Please take into consideration your time, family and budget comparison.
    Phase I:
    a) Previous transfer credit already awarded from your previous college/university.
    b) Take a traditional course at a college/university online or in classroom now which may be more expensive due to; tuition, books, parking, time away from family/home. These nursing prerequisites may or may not be transferrable to ISU. You may use the ISU Transfer Tool to check on the course equivalency: http://www.indstate.edu/transfer/tool/.
    c) Indiana State University does not have the ten (10) nursing prerequisites online at this time.
    d) You may use study material from The College Network to complete a CLEP/DSST/Excelsior/TCN exam quickly without time in a traditional classroom or online classroom to complete your nursing prerequisites courses. All exams are readily transferrable to ISU.
    e) All ten nursing prerequisites are required to be completed and transcripts housed at the ISU Admissions Office to be admitted to the university.
    Phase II:
    a) You may take the Nursing Challenge Exams from your previous LPN/LVN training knowledge on your own without the study material. A 75% is the requirement for passing the exams.
    b) If the exam is not passed successfully on the first attempt through our ISU Blackboard website, you will then be required (by Nursing Policy) to purchase the TCN study material (Customized Study Material / CSM) to retake the exam through the ISU Blackboard website.
    c) The four Nursing Challenge Exams are required to be completed in one (1) calendar year from the date you are admitted to the university.
    d) The module content and questions were written by our ISU faculty and The College Network published the material. The material is 100% ISU driven, but TCN has published the material and has the copyrights to this material.
    Phase III:
    a) Is completed entirely online with ISU nursing faculty for the theory portion of the nursing course and the clinical didactic is completed concurrently within said semester with a preceptor in your local area.
    Some information through online blogs may not be favorable, but I can assure you that we have had many successful students use the material and graduate from the LPN to BS Track at Indiana State University and become successful RNs. If you would like to speak with me about this further, please feel free to contact me by phone at my numbers listed below.
    Best Regards,

    Kim Kimbler
    Program Development Specialist
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