I did it!!!! Yah!!!! FCCA/CPNE......Here I come! - page 2

I am so relieved to have passed the dreaded LS3 on my 2nd attempt. That exam was extremely difficult.....even more so than my 1st attempt at it. I believe that I passed because I was more prepared... Read More

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    Quote from beachnurse84
    hey, what time is good for you tomorrow to study? let me know!! :-)

    i have the info about the tutor, she is out of atlanta, i can give you the details about her tomorrow if you want. i can't afford it but i hope ursula can give us some tips she learned.

    will 3:30 be ok with you and l.? can we also practice on wednesday... the day is almost here, want to practice as much as we can together.

    ursula did mentioned something about $500.00 and we don't have to pay the full amount, i am so broke right now... i am going to see if she will be willing to come and practice with us next week.
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