Has anyone done LVN TO RN at carrington college? Pls help!!!!

  1. 0 Hi i was wondering if there is anyone whos doing or has done the LVN-RN program at carrington college CA?

    Ive been an lvn for 1 1/2 years and went straight from highschool to a private school for my lvn so I come with no pre.reqs. I'm mostly worried because I still owe a lot from my previous loans. Well anyway I signed up and I took a general assessment and passed.
    Im going through th 16 months then 8 month program.

    They had asked me to come in and test for the evolve reach test but never told me what its about? Im really nervous, I dont remember anything besides nursing! I did take a hesi to get into my LVN program before. I wonder if its the same thing? Can anyone please help me and give me any reviews or suggestions. I just feel so lost as to where I should start. I've wanted to a RN since I was 9 years old and it just seems so far now. Please and ty so much for anyone who gives me info!
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