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  1. Not only am I an online student but I am an online educator; using my doctoral education and online student experiences to build an online nursing curriculum. I took offense to a statement made by the author, "Online education is a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It tends to be a monologue and not a real dialogue" (Edmondson, 2012, para 11). I couldn't disagree more!

    The online learning environment is the furthest thing from a cookie-cutter education. My personal experience with online education has been quite individualized, specific to the context of my personal and professional environment. As I was introduced to topics in nursing, I was challenged to examine each concept from a perspective that was individualized to my professional position, yet also learned from the diverse experiences and perspectives of others in my courses. This is only a drop in the hat of the gains that I have realized as a result of being an online student.

    Growth in emotional intelligence and metacognition have had the most significant impact for me personally and professionally. I thank my online education for that. Expectations of the online educational environment encouraged me to take initiative and test learning strategies I would not have otherwise realized in the face-to-face environment where educators have done more hand-holding. In the online environment, 'you get out of it what you put into it.'

    What is your position with regard to online education? Do you side with Professor Edmondson? What gains have you realized as an online vs. face-to-face educator and/or student?

    Edmondson, M. (2012, July 9). The Trouble With Online Education. Retrieved from the New York Times website:
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    I have learned how truly resourceful I am. Had i been in a brick and mortar as you said, i would have allowed the instructors to tell me what to learn and what to use to learn it. Online I have had the ability to tailor my learning to my style and have found a myriad of resources other than just a book with which to do it. I have had the chance to be creative and make new friends from all over the world that I still communicate with.