Ga board of nursing now accepts excelsior!

  1. EXCELSIOR iSsNOW ACCEPTED IN GEORGIA. The law was passed and changed in april 2009. for more information go to georgia board of nursing! Website
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  3. by   keepmovingrn
    I know, I just found out about 3 months ago. So I started back testing again. I take mirco the 1st week in December.
  4. by   nikpik27
    But you will need to do clinical hours. Read carefully....
  5. by   keepmovingrn
    Dah....Yes we well I'm well aware of GA BON's requirments for the non tradtional nursing student. They make it very clear that you have to complete 350-700 hours of perceptorship.
  6. by   dlissa74
    Well I think it is great I am originally from Kentucky and it does not matter what school you go to when you graduate in Kentucky you have to do 200 or 250 preceptorship hours. I have no problem with that it beats waiting to get into a program. It really depends on your situation. I had been in school before and had to stop to take care of a sick mother. my mother died july2009, and this works better for me so if I have any emergency with family I can stop. And start back up. But this is great and I am taking all of my pre reqs at a local college. I do already have some. I am now doing this with 2 other friends. And the rest of my classes at excelsior. I have a good friend I was in the military with who lives in New york she graduated from excelsior in a year. Took her boards and passed so it can be done it is up to you. Positive is as positive does!
  7. by   keepmovingrn
    I totally feel the same way you do Dlissa. I'm also taking Eng 101 at ga perimeter in Jan (online) and while I'm taking my English I pray I can study A & P and test ard March. As far as perceptorship, after taking the boards and passing GA BON grants you a temporary RN lisen. until you have completed your perceptor hours (you have 6 months). In my mind I'm thinking okay with any new job you have to do training aka perceptorship with another RN so this would take care of the hours. I could be wrong but thats how I'm thinking of it for now. I'm just glad GA accepts Excelsoir:spin:.