Experience or comments to share re: Univ Louisiana - Lafayette online RN to BSN?

  1. 0 Hi all! This is my first post ever. So forgive me if something doesnt flow correctly :-) I am interested in hearing anybody's experiences and / or feelings regarding UL - Lafayette RN to BSN program. It is one Im considering to begin with very soon and I have not been able to find too many reviews, etc out there. Im curious to know perceptions regarding IT issues, communication with academic coaches, course content, ease of navigating through and using campus online resources, just about anything! Im kind of nervous about the whole online experience and doing it while working full time (3 12's). I graduated RN ADN school in 2008 but I got my first on campus degree in 1986! And neither were online :-) So thanks very much in advance for anyone with comments on this program.
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    julyjenrn --- Have you decided about UL - Lafayette? Can you tell me anything about the program?


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