Chamberlain ASN online clinicals

  1. Hello Chamberlain students! I am so excited that Chamberlain decided to start a school locally in my area. I have a few questions for all those that have any input. It sounds like the online coursework is a full load, are any of you able to work a job (FT or PT) while in this program? Also, how often are clinicals? I hear in MO that the clinicals are a couple evenings a week and a weekend day thrown in. Is that what you have found to be true? I have a daughter and I am trying to anitcipate how much babysitting I will need. Any other input/advice about Chamberlain is much appreciated!!!!! I have taken some courses online already and it was no joke. A LOT of reading!!!:smilecoffeecup:
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  3. by   pnhopeful
    anyone know how often during the week you have to do clinicals for the online program?? even if you are taking it out of state....
  4. by   ~KrisC~
    Not there yet, so I don't know how much time is invlolved, they have mentioned that you pretty much need to put everyother aspect of you rlife on hold....and even though I am just beginning, I am finding that to be very true....good luck