Boise State online RN to BSN

  1. I am graduating my ADN program in May and want to go directly to a RN to BSN program in the fall. I have chosen Boise do to the fact that I do not have another degree and would need to take an additional 6 courses at my community college for most online programs, which would put me behind 2 semesters.

    What I would like to find out is if anyone that has done this program would be kind enough to let me know about there experience. Like how are the classes? Are they extremely hard? Could I work full time and still take 3 or 4 classes a semester? Is their online format smooth and without many kinks? Things of that nature would be great.

    Thanks in advance!

    FYI: I have already had BSU review my unofficail transcrits and was told I only needed to take 2 more classes this summer to start.
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  3. by   syane45
    Hi truenorthfound, did you end up going to BSU for your RN to BSN? I am looking into it but am not sure if I should go for it. How did you like it?