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Any Idaho EC student out there

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    Just new to this board, I love the info I've obtained in reading the posts. Im starting a class with EC soon, I have'nt enrolled yet I thought I would take the 2 Prereqs I need before paying the money for the ADN program they offer. I hope I have the motivation to do the work on my own without a deadline facing me. Anyone have any hints on staying motivated beside the title of RN and making more money. thanks for any info
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    I'm not in Idaho but I'm FROM Idaho, and miss it very much...

    I graduated from EC a few years ago and had some of the same concerns it seems you have. One of the things that helped me is that I did have deadlines--I scheduled the tests before I was actually ready for them. I gave myself however much time I thought I would need, but I went ahead and set the date. That way I knew that I had a deadline to meet and it made it a lot easier to motivate myself to hit the books. Then I studied everything--and I do mean everything--in the syllabus/course outline. It made it hard, but when I finished I really felt as if I knew my stuff. My experience since then in nursing practice has borne that out. EC can be a very good program for someone who's motivated.

    Hope this helps! Study hard and good luck!
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    Hi there, Born and raised in Idaho, all of my family is still in Idaho. Currently live in Washington-- visit Idaho frequently. Have done all prereqs and nursing for my ADN except CPNE. If I can be of assistance will gladly do so.