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I haven't read much if any that I recall about American Sentinel University on here. Does anyone know much about this school or has attended it? Also, does anyone know much about the detc... Read More

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    INOT, I am wondering how its going at American Sentinel Univ. I am also considering their program and have requested some info from the school but the best information is always obtained from actual students! How are the classes? The cost? I appreciate any info that you could pass along. :redpinkhe

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    Has anyone attended American Sentinel's DNP program?
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    Quote from INOT
    I just registered with American Sentinel Univ. I am in the Orientation class which shows you around the Computer Class workflow.... Classes begin next Month 10/2010. I will take 4-5classes per semester (3 credit) & desire to complete in 10mos.... I will keep posting on how it is going.
    How did you like American Sentinel University?

    How are the instructors (responsive to students, caring, wanting students to succeed)?

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