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Howdy! I am an LPN and am currently working for a company as a Quality coordinator for an outpatient surgery center that deals mostly with pain management. My question is this: We have RN's in pre-op who administer 2mg... Read More

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    In one of the many, many articles I have been reading it stated that when used as Moderate Sedation the nurse should be ACLS certified. However, it is not being used as moderate, but anxiolysis. Like I said, we usually have a MDA or CRNA doing the anesthesia but this particular doctor uses only 2 mg preop. I just want to make sure that our policies are correct and we are not missing anything. The nurse director stated that if we test the competency we are opening ourselves up for liability saying that we have nurses pushing Versed and quote "especially since not all of the nurses have ACLS".

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    Oh and THANK YOU all for your responses!! I am going to talk to the administrator and we are more than likely going to implement yearly competency. Everyone could use a little refresher...right!?!?

    My main goal is to make sure that they know what the side effects are and how to respond appropriately. We have had some transfers out to inpatient lately, as well as a survey coming up so I am just a little on edge.

    Thanks again!!
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    Something to consider also is whether or not other nurses in your facility are required to have ACLS to administer lorazapam (Ativan) or diazepam (Valium), especially at lower doses for the purpose of relieving anxiety... You may want to review those guidelines as well as you work on a new guideline for administering midazolam for that same purpose.

    Re-inventing the wheel can be such hard work.
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