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I was caring for a detained (ITA) psychiatric patient on a Medical/Stroke unit when he physically assulted me at the nurse station punching me multiple times in the face head then tackling me to the... Read More

  1. by   Trekfan
    I am so sorry ! It nice to know your co-workers have your back ????
  2. by   theview
    I dont recall signing free of liability and I dont work on a psych unit, I work on a Medical/Stroke unit but unfortunalty due to all the healthcare budget cuts we have been getting dumped with detained psychiatric patients because are psych facilities have no beds. Its a bad situation. It would be a little different if I worked on a psych unit I would of been more prepared and had an appropriate safe setting hopefully.
  3. by   nurseblob
    I wish you could go after the judge who decided that you could not force a dangerous psych patient to be medicated! Too bad the judge is not available to take care of the patient...
  4. by   fibroblast
    I would say go back to the 'original' paperwork. There had to have been statements about workplace violence along with what the hospital is protected by. Go to your human resources office and request to look at your file and review all signed documents
  5. by   theview
    thanks, Il check into that
  6. by   amoLucia
    Get a lawyer FAST - and listen to the first thing the atty will tell you. That is, STOP posting on the 'net/media and keep your discussions to a minimun with only those having a need to know. You've got a lot of grey, fuzzy legal areas here and the only one to give you the correct info will be an atty, one experienced in labor law.

    You're making complaints about many others, who most likely will be represented by THEIR competent advisors whose obligation is to protect them, not you. And since you're making negative noise, the others are most likely not very forthcoming in trying to assist you.

    If you carry your own private malpractice insurance, you may want to contact them as your employer may start to look for dirt to shift the focus of blame to you.

    You need GOOD, professional legal help. Right now, it's their big army of many versus your little unit of one. Wishing you good luck
  7. by   Davey Do
    What a terrible ordeal you had to experience, theview. My heart goes out to you for having been violated.

    First and foremost, take care of yourself; consult with a Counsellor/Therapist. The Institution where this Incident took place should make this service available at no cost to you. If the Institution has not offered Counselling Services to you, contact Human Resources and/or the Employeee Assistance Program.

    To be able to express and work through this trauma is necessary before making any major life decisions.

    I, too, was assaulted by a Mentally Ill Patient out in the community and suffered from symptoms of PTSD. I attended three sessions with a Psychosocial Therapist, but eventually had a multitude of sessions with an Art Therapist.

    Through my art, I was able to work through some issues and learned techniques that I continue to use to this day.

    The very best to you, theview. Please feel free to PM me if you wish to discuss this matter in greater detail.

  8. by   P_RN
    Happened to me in about 78.I was told I had no recourse because the patient thought *I* was trying to kill him. This was upheld by the court but wc would not take my case.

    About 1997 I was kicked in the face then hit repeatedly by a telephone receiver. This time my coworkers risked their health by dragging me away,physically holding his door shut, calling the police, the director and the hospital lawyer. They took me to the ER to be examined and I stayed there til the patient's ortho doctor came to see me and documented MY injuries. It came to light the patient who "didn't drink" had JUST been released from the alcohol and drug unit of our state mental hospital the week prior to surgery. The doctor fired his patient, who was was to be discharged the next day and referred him to staff ortho teaching service at the University.

    Then comes the bad news. The hospital paid my in house medical bills and my salary until I returned to work, but wc turned me down.
    I'm in SC. Here wc is 2/3 of the average pay for someone in my salary bracket-which included Nurses, long haul truckers, paralegals, and several more. That would not be MY salary, but an average of that tier. If I had not been able to return as a Nurse the Hospital would have found me a job like a clerk or telephone operator (which BTW I had a lot of experience years ago.) at THAT jobs salary-about $6/hr at the time.

    Third injury, my spouse called the police, called a wc lawyer, went to wc hearing which I prevailed and I got nearly $100,00, of course the attorney in SC gets 1/3 + expenses. That was the injury that took me out of Nursing forever and to this day causes pain, severe at times.

    My advice hug your coworkers they had your back, call the cops, get the best w/c lawyer (NOT just any lawyer) and let him do ALL the work.

    One good part is the whole deal cost the employer upwards of a Million dollars. My physician me advised not to return as a patient to that one. I have to convince my cardiologist not to send me there. I might have to change cardiologists.
  9. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    Nobody intervened to help you because of lack of training in self-defense! What? I don't have any training but I would have jumped in and done what I could to help a friend/colleague (heck, I wouldn't even see that happen to a stranger let alone a colleague). No wonder you have mental health issues over this. I think it's terrible that the people you work side by side with every day stood by and let this continue and did nothing. My heart goes out to you and I hope you ultimately find some peace with all of this.
  10. by   theview
    Thank you Dave. This is exactly why I posted my attack in here, In hopes that others who unfortunatly have experienced events like this had some suggestions for me on how to deal with it. Thanks again
    and best of luck with your healing as well
  11. by   theview
    P_RN- what a horrible experience. It breaks my heart to know that this happens to healthcare workers and we has such little backing when it comes to emotional/financial support while trying to heal from the physical and mental injuries. I have been trying to advocate for nurses safety, but its harder then it looks to get support and get something going. My co workers have been amazing with support, so I am very thankful for that. Thank you for the advice and sharing your story and best of luck
  12. by   edmia
    I'm sorry this happened!

    My state recently passed a bill and it is now a felony to assault a nurse. Not much help for you, but something to push for in the future.

    In the immediate, have you filed a police report? I would.

    Also file for worker's comp as this was a work related injury and if the hospital and union keep stalling you, consult a lawyer.

    It is not OK for nurses to put up with this kind of situation. Being assaulted at work is never a justified thing! Fight back for your right to feel safe at work.

    And take time to heal.

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