A nurses poem- for those who haven't read it yet - page 3

I wrote this a couple of months ago, after a typically bad day Ė Iím Sorry In Advance Iím sorry in advance Your bedís not made today But I have a patient here Whose chest pain wonít go away Iím sorry in advance... Read More

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    Pretty much sums up my day at work!

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    Pretty much sums up my day at work! Minus the phone call to the kids, since I dont have any.
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    I'm speechless... what an eloquent expression of the frustrations that are such a part of nursing today.

    You truly have a gift, and it would be a shame to see this go unpublished.
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    This is beautiful...you made me cry..and I'd like to thank you!Oh how many times have each of us felt this way and could never put it into words.
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    I truly enjoyed reading that, and I printed it out to hang in the staff 'can' for all to read. As suggested by others, you should submit it for publication.
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    leesonlpn, you have written what so many of us feel and you have done it in such a heartfelt way
    I am hoping this poem is now in publication
    you have a gift, in more ways that one :kiss
    may this thread never die

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