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Could some of you please briefly tell me the status of the no lift policies within some of your healthcare facilities where you are employed, regarding patients that are able to support their weight?... Read More

  1. by   hollierncrrn
    A few years ago my facility implemented a policy that nursing was not to transfer patients that required more than a min assist of two nurses. Until they reached that capability patients used the bedpan/urinal and got up in cardiac chairs when it was not therapy getting them up or assisting. Since we are a rehab facility patients have always been encouraged to do as much for themselves as possible. That is until a patient who was independent and prepared to go home he following day complained that it was cruel to ask her to pull herself up in bed. In the name of patient satisfaction we now are to basically do whatever the patient wants. So much for supporting the staff and promoting patient independence. Sometimes I feel like I work at the nicest spa in town.