How do you handle Crisis Calls ??  
How do you handle Crisis Calls ?? | allnurses

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How do you handle Crisis Calls ??

  1. 0 I'm an ER nurse in a small hospital and one of my responsibilities is coordinating the doctors and nurses that are on call when a patient comes in. The answering service we are using is a complete waste. Sometimes they don't make the calls immediately, sometimes they call home and neglect the pager or cell numbers that I have supplied to them on numerous occasions... Also, if I page doctors in the hospital, they don't always hear me, so I waste valuable time looking up their individual pager numbers. Anyway, I'm sure others in this group know exactly how muddled this can get. The administrators use a service called MessageBlaster to inform us about meetings. i was wondering if anyone knows if this is a reliable site for crisis calls, because I cannot afford mistakes similar to the ones I am experiencing currently.

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    I actually heard about on a non-profit
    NG and went there and checked out their demo. I typed in my pager
    number and a message, hit send, and it was immediate. I also tried the experiment with my kids, and sent them both a message at the same time. when I got home, we checked the call logs, and they both received their calls at the same time, in the same minute I sent the message. They thought it was pretty cool but I think I am just too traditional because I need to feel like there is an actual person there taking care of business. That's probably a mistake in and of itself.