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I want honest opinions here. I consider myself one of the many that think the Joint Commission has outlived its usefullness. Every year more National Patient Safety Goals, Sentinel Event alerts and more Do Not Use abbreviations.... Read More

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    When I was a student they seemed to strike fear into the staff.

    There was a pen on the floor in the nurses station and the JCAHO rep was throwing a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE FIT over "workplace safety, neglect, and how this kind of thing happens in the patient rooms".

    They're worse than seeing Press-Gainey results.
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    A pen on the floor!
    Poor nursing care pure and simple. We need a new form!
    Whew. nursing management solves another catasrophic problem.
    Mission accomplished
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    Sorry to hijack a nursing site (hope it's ok, mom's a RN, mom in-law same, 80yrs between 'em). We just JCAHO rolling up in our OR (I'm a licensed AT with 22 years experience), and we got dinged for not having individually sterilized laryngoscope blades. Really? We already were soaking them in a anti-viral, anti bacterial solution, scrubbing them, rinsing with isopropyl alcohol, then Sterrading them in bulk, then passing them out to the Doc's for the day. So now some Ph.D with a big black binder with no real OR/ Anesthesia experience is riding us about this, and comes back for another visit to 'drill down' to the core problem?
    Something super clean is going in your filthy mouth, show me some evidence please that that has ever been an cause of post op SSI.
    And as an aside, the unwrapped (they don't even come sterile) oral airways were not a issue.
    These people need to quit making our lives hard, and let us get on with the business of taking care of our patients.
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    JCAHO was and is a joke, even after being spanked by CMMS.
    It's like having the airline industry regulate the FAA.
    The AHA is extremely powerful, politically, and has controlled legislation since the 1970's.
    Sort of explains the 1999 IOM report doesn't it.
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    Quote from pglick
    Was it the only subject you thought you could use to support your disdain for tjc?
    tjc wants to reduce medication errors... can't attack that one.
    tjc wants to improve communication among caregivers... I'd look silly attacking that.
    tjc wants to reduce medication errors...

    You see where I'm going. Was MRI safety the best argument you could point to?
    In referencing TJC, the TJC does not "want" to reduce/rectify any of the above. Their federal funding requires that they identify unspecified problems and address them in (unspecified) ways.

    Accreditation serves the same purpose as the RN- reduction of liability. If a facility is accredited, it has met "standards", and is involved in some form of QA/QI- "We are not negligent..." RNs are the licensed caregivers between UAPs/aids, ancilliary services and physcians, then Admin. Our licensure assumes liability, we are present to ensure that policy is being followed. Without docs, the hospital closes; they can replace RNs. Cheaply.

    HIPPA, same thing. No patient has been made "safe" by HIPPA. If PHI is lost/misused, the liability is now on the individual employee/violator- who probably doesn't have $7.8 million in annual (net) revenue to go after. "Settlement caps", by any other name...

    So. A facility is accredited, it has me The Standards- it is not at fault(negligent) for your injury. A facility has an RN on the floor- it is the RN's responsibility to prevent/anticipate/minimize your injury, the facility is not responsible(negligent). You receive another patient's lab results in the mail- the lab tech/mail room gal/whatever, is fired, and the facility may pay you a couple of thousand, but certainly no more(they were not "negligent"). See a pattern...?

    Being very simplistic here, but this is the reality of the bureaucratic model. The TJC validates its existence by finding "fixables" and handing out to-do lists. They can't hold CEOs/CMOs accountable because of the layers of insulation.
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    Wow ! After being a nurse for over 20 years ,I finally decided to lookup the "Boogie Man a.k.a JCAHO "- just like so many of you have stated - A joke ! Get this ! They are supposed to be coming through our Mega Magnet hospital and its just like most times-Panic ! Then it hit me -after working in so many hospitals ( some should have been 3rd world ) all passed - why ? Oh, JCAHO is paid in full and we always have the [COLOR=#000000]receipt . Again-What a joke ![/COLOR]
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    Is it just me or can we make a sincere allegation that TJC qualifies as a racketeering operation?
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