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I was currently hire at an Endoscopy clinic to recover pt from conscious sedation. My first day there I was given a fifteen minute orientation by the office manager, who is also an RN, then thrown into a situation I was not... Read More

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    Thank you all for the good advice. I've decided to take the advice. When I go in tomorrow morning I will notified them that I quit. I will not assist with any procedures. Since I only worked there one week I will not use them as a reference. I will contact the state board of nursing for further assistant.
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    I think you have made a very wise decision. Let us know how it goes.

    I once had to quit a radiation oncology job I loved because the position needed skills I just didn't have, and although they loved me, and wanted me to stay, they couldn't offer me the proper formal education needed to safely provide the services so I left.
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    I am a GI endoscopy RN encountering the same situation in IL I work in the VA. I am told by nurse manager and charge nurse to delegate post conscious sedations recovery to and LPN to monitor the recovery, document and discharge the patient with me co signing the recovery process and discharge documentation what does the Illinois law say about this practice. I feel it is dangerous and compromising to my patient recovery and safety.

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