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  1. I have a question about documentation in the HomeWorks program that "disappeared". I worked for a Home Health agency that is telling a past nurse employee that he must reconstruct on paper visits where visit documentation can not be found in HomeWorks. The time in /out and mileage is retrievable. The explanation is that the visit documentation did not attach to the visit. Is this documentation retrievable?
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  3. by   mariafh
    You are asking a very specific question about a particular product. Whether the documentation is retrievable depends very much on the software and database design of that product and also possibly whether the non-attachment was based upon a product defect or user mistake. This is the type of question that the support team for that product may be best to answer as it requires a detailed knowledge of that system, either your IT help group or the company's support group. I am not familar with that system. If someone in this discussion group cannot help you, you may want to check the company's web page for a support link or discussion group or user's group. Or you can ask your help desk to provide you more explanation. But from a database design, it it is not uncommon to store pieces of the record in different databases or parts of the database. So it is possible to lose parts of the record and not other parts. It all depends on how it was designed and how the software works.